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Hipercept executives are world renowned as technology innovators on behalf of the commercial real estate investment management industry.   They have played founding or leading roles in the development of many of the mission-critical services and technology platforms that continue to serve the world’s leading real estate investment firms.  These include Argus (now owned by Altus Group), Voyanta (now owned by Altus Group), rCash (now owned by Yardi), KLIK (now owned by Union Bank), Resolve (now owned by CoStar), Lease CRM (now owned by Altus Group) and CTI (now owned by Yardi).  Accordingly, Hipercept continues to develop cutting-edge technologies independently, as a contracted development services provider, and in joint venture partnership.

Since its formation, Hipercept has developed several predominant software applications:

Web-based data aggregation and cloud-based data warehouse solution for commercial real estate. Sold to Altus Group in 2014.

Data warehouse and business intelligence platform for commercial real estate. Owned by Hipercept Applications.

Web-based listings and market data platform for South America. Partially owned by Hipercept Applications.

Web-based, enterprise budgeting & forecasting workflow solution for commercial real estate. Owned by Hipercept Applications.

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