Hipercept | Global Real Estate Manager Partners With Hipercept & Cougar
  • Justine Thompson

  • 18 September 2014

Global Real Estate Manager Partners With Hipercept & Cougar


Hipercept recently completed the implementation of Cougar’s software solution for a leading Global Real Estate Investment Manager who was experiencing difficulty analyzing its fund performance and treasury data. Phase 1 of the implementation was completed in just over four months from start to completion.

The Challenge

A leading global real estate investment manager was experiencing difficulty in accessing and understanding their portfolio management and debt positions due to disparate systems and manual processes.

Real Estate Investment Manager Background

Since their inception in 1991, this real estate investment manager has generated strategic growth by investing in commercial real estate and by expanding its portfolio from North America into Europe as well as increasing their joint venture activity.

With a growing portfolio and a combined property value in the billions of dollars, it was time to reevaluate their systems and operational processes. This would ultimately help their analysts evaluate risk, forecast the profitability of their portfolio, and make better decisions faster.

Consulting Services

The company needed help evaluating their current operational processes and existing technology solutions. They sought to hire a well-respected consulting company with deep commercial real estate operations and technology expertise.


The company selected Hipercept as their partner.   Hipercept had the real estate experience they were looking for and in-depth technical expertise with a variety of real estate software solutions. Hipercept is supported by a wide range of technology partners and currently provides services on behalf of many of the leading real estate investment management firms.  Finally, Hipercept was highly recommended by an industry influencer.

Hipercept ran a health check on the firm’s existing systems and operational processes and quickly realized that due to the volumes of data, lack of technology and disparate systems, a consolidated financial modeling and reporting solution was required. This would enable the real estate investment manager to complete accurate analyses and easily forecast the performance of their entire portfolio or a subset thereof.

The real estate investment manager looked at the vendor landscape and following a comprehensive analysis, determined that Cougar was the best fit based on their requirements.

The power of Cougar’s financial modeling solution keeps all the information in one place, enabling a quick analysis of how changes to a particular property can impact the performance of the portfolio. Cougar provides incremental value from day one, and their approach makes it easy for each individual group to focus on their specific requirements. For example Phase 1 of the implementation started with debt, modeling debt as an asset and debt as a liability. Then fund management (Phase 2) will follow later in the year and asset and budget management on the runway for Phase 3.


Between Cougar and Hipercept they have a large and experienced talent pool of project managers, financial analysts and financial business analysts. Together they built a hybrid team to suit the real estate investment manager’ requirements. This highly qualified group have an intimate knowledge of the software and can solve issues on the fly ensuring a seamless integration. The result is a faster implementation, (just over four months) and a satisfied customer who saw the value of the solution from day one.


After three years, the strategic partnership between Hipercept and Cougar Software continues to grow as Cougar increases their product offerings and enables users to access their data in the cloud, and Hipercept continues to provide strategic engagements around Cougar.

About Cougar Software

Founded in 1992 and serving clients worldwide, Cougar Software provides the only financial modeling solutions real estate investors need for budgeting, planning and forecasting. Cougar counts among its customers several of the world’s leading property management and investment companies, pension plans, and REITs. Cougar is a privately held company with offices in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. For additional information visit: www.cougarsoftware.com

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