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Let’s face it…the process of collecting data from your investment partners is downright painful for everyone involved. And it will only get worse. As the demands for more frequent and detailed operational data increase, so do the technical challenges.

Hipercept works closely with each of your investment partners to ensure that you get the data you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Several ‘do it yourself’ data collection solutions have emerged in recent years. But no matter how powerful these may be, getting your partners to embrace these tools has proven to be a daunting task. Some have the technical means. Most simply do not.

Your partners are in the business of supporting your investments, not technology. This is where Hipercept comes in.

Hipercept’s industry-exclusive ‘Data Collection as a Service’ ensures that the data you need from each of your partners is populated into your system of choice, accurately, and on-time for each and every reporting cycle. It doesn’t matter what system you use. It doesn’t matter what system they use. Hipercept makes it all work seamlessly.


Hipercept works directly with partners to:

  • Implement an efficient, repeatable process for the submission of data
  • Define the specific requirements for data submission, including mapping financials and rent rolls into a consolidated data set
  • Provide individualized training for each partner so they are comfortable with the steps necessary for the continual successful submission of data


All data submission processes are thoroughly tested to ensure the timely receipt and processing of the required data sets for your company. Hipercept will:

  • Conduct test data loads to validate the data submission process and build partner confidence in the submission process and subsequent reviews
  • Provide on-going oversight to help partners identify issues that may arise and maintain successful processes to ensure consistent, reportable data


Hipercept’s Partner Management service provides multi-level data validation to help ensure data is accurate and reportable. Hipercept will:

Validate data and address quality issues up front via:

  • Technical Validation: File formats, field formats, character length
  • User-Defined Rule Based Validation: Apply business rules to ensure data makes sense
  • Error & Exception Reporting: Identify potential data quality issues before loading
  • Active Risk Management: Employ risk sensitivity, scoring, weighting, and dynamic calculations, resulting in valuable risk profiling data and dashboarding capabilities


Hipercept’s data warehouse can capture all of the submitted data to create a centralized, single source of the truth for all data, reporting and analytics.

Your company will have 24/7 access to this data for analysis and reporting via PowerBI and Power Pivot.


Hipercept’s team of experienced developers will work with you to determine any required integrations with existing reporting and analysis applications.

Data will be seamlessly connected and repeatable processes will be developed to allow your company to synchronize data across your entire application eco-system.

Hipercept has successfully built data connections with leading real estate modeling, forecasting, budgeting, leasing and reporting solutions including: ARGUS, Hightower, MRI, MRI IM, Salesforce, Taliance, Voyanta and VTS.

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