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  1. Efficient Portfolio Modeling: Why Excel is Not Enough
    While Excel may get its user to the same output as portfolio management software, it fails the efficiency test. Senior Business Analyst Samantha Buttigieg explains why.

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  2. Leveraging Density Analysis
    Density value analysis can increase the accuracy of Business Intelligence decisions over analysis of traditional KPIs. Senior BI Analyst Carlos Alzate explains.

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  3. The Risks & Opportunities of Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing is an old concept made new again. Greg Thomas highlights key benefits of cloud computing and what your enterprise should consider.

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  4. Data outsourcing and Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence is the pathway to turning data into information. Mike Basile looks into extending your enterprise.

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  5. CRM for Real Estate: the Value Prop
    Getting to the value proposition for CRM systems in real estate, Anne Taylor explains “Why CRM.”

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  6. Getting to the Vision of Real Estate CRM
    An outline of the major challenges to implementing CRM for real estate and the strategies to overcome them, by Anne Taylor.

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  7. An Enhanced Approach to Real Estate Valuations
    An exploration of stochastic real estate valuation and running multiple valuation models by Damien Georges.

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2014 Conferences
  1. NCREIF: Nuts & Bolts of Institutional RE: Investment Analysis & Strategy
    January 14 -16
    Chicago, IL
    March 11-14
    Pheonix, Arizona
    April 10
    Toronto, Canada
    June 17 – 19
    Las Vegas, NV
  5. NCREIF Summer Meetings
    June 24-26
    Lansdowne, VA
  6. Real Estate Investment World
    June 25 – 27
  7. ExpoReal
    October 6 – 8
    Munich, Germany

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